Specialist Mortgages

PMM acquires and asset manages a large number of specialist mortgage portfolios on behalf of leading third party institutional investors. We are the largest shared equity mortgage investment manager in the UK, having purchased over 15,000 loans with a face value in excess of £500m. We have acquired portfolios from many of the UK’s leading housebuilders, including Barratt and Bellway.


Shared equity loans can account for a significant proportion of a home builders’ net assets and can be a sub-optimal use of their capital. The acquisition of these portfolios has the potential to bridge the gap between external investors, who are achieving low returns on their cash, and house builders who need working capital to maintain their house building programs.


PMM leverages its acquisition and asset management capabilities using Hampton Mortgage Servicing, its affiliated, FCA authorised mortgage servicing platform. It was founded on the philosophy that the unique combination of features that these loans have (no/low interest bearing, long dated, secured) requires a specialist, proactive management approach.


HMS is mandated to service loans acquired by PMM on behalf of third party owned specialist mortgage portfolios. Compliance with regulatory requirements is at the heart of its operations, providing a high level of comfort to portfolio vendors, who may not have the in-house resource, expertise, regulatory authorisations or appetite to manage these loans optimally themselves.


PMM can offer a range of tailored options to help loan owners accelerate the monetisation of their loan books. Our dedicated Shared Equity Mortgages asset management team is lead by David Wason. For more information please contact:

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