Pillar 3 Regulatory Disclosure

The Pillar 3 disclosure of PMM Advisers LLP is set out below as required by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”)’s BIPRU 11.3.1R.


PMM Advisers LLP (the “Firm”) policy is to update its Pillar 3 at least annually. The policy also requires any update to the ICAAP to be undertaken should there be a material change in the risk profile of the firm. The Pillar 3 disclosure will be made available on request through the Head of Compliance.

Media and Location

The report is available on request by contacting:

Head of Compliance
PMM Advisers LLP/PMM Partners (UK) Ltd
Royal Trust House
54-56 Jermyn Street
London SW1Y 6LX


The Pillar 3 disclosures have been approved by the Firm’s Board. The document itself has not been subject to an audit and has been produced solely for the purposes of satisfying the Pillar 3 regulatory requirements.


The Firm regards information as proprietary if sharing that information with the public would undermine its competitive position. Proprietary information may include information on systems which, if shared with competitors, would render the Firm’s investments therein less valuable. Further, the Firm must regard information as confidential if there are obligations to customers or other counterparty relationships binding the Firm to confidentiality. Should such information be omitted, we shall disclose such and explain the grounds why it has not been disclosed.