Our ‘Better Futures’ Plan provides a framework to manage our existing activities more effectively whilst adding new initiatives to improve our overall sustainability. We have captured our activities under four key pillars that are integrated throughout our business operations.


By helping our partners invest in housing stock and supporting local charities, we help contribute to thriving and sustainable communities.



Our employees are at the heart of our business’ success. We are committed to hiring, developing and retaining highly experienced people and promoting a healthy work-life balance.



We pride ourselves in providing a highly professional service to our customers, the tenants of our partners and our investors.



We strive to reduce our environmental impact by minimising our utility usage and waste in our offices. In the property refurbishment projects that we undertake for partners, we use products and materials that have a low environmental impact.


Investing in our communities

Within our new ‘Better Futures’ CR Plan, we have structured our charitable giving in a more strategic way through our Community Investment Policy and focus on supporting causes that have a link to our area of business. We have therefore elected to support charities in London where there is a connection with the ‘home’.

We have also appointed a Charity Champion in both our Berlin and London offices to engage employees with the charitable activities.


We are supporting two charities, SPEAR and SHP, that work with homeless people or those at risk of becoming homeless in London and the surrounding boroughs. PMM funds an outreach service in the borough of Wandsworth that SPEAR runs, helping rough sleepers into accommodation and helping them to address their health and wider social care problems. Without this support,  SPEAR would not be able to provide this critical support to all the rough sleepers in Wandsworth.

PMM’s funding will enable SPEAR to continue to support street homeless in Wandsworth, a service which was in danger of shutting down. Over two years, SPEAR will support 140 rough sleepers helping them to resolve their health and housing needs. PMM’s support has put SPEAR in a stronger position to bid for government funding to sustain the service in future years.’

– Stuart Nevill, CEO SPEAR

“Without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to carry out the biggest Christmas campaign in SHP history or make Christmas day truly special for over 830 vulnerable people. It was really touching to see how much you care about homelessness in London and were willing to support our cause this year. The time, generosity and enthusiasm you brought to the campaign was absolutely invaluable.”

– Liz Rutherfoord, CEO SHP

With SHP, PMM is funding an employability programme that helps homeless people to find a job and secure a sustainable income that enables them to afford housing. The aim is to support approximately 150 homeless people a year with this service.


We encourage our employees to volunteer, should they wish, either with SHP, SPEAR or with a charity of their choice and they receive one day’s paid leave a year to do this. In December, 39% of the London office volunteered with SHP helping to wrap and deliver 830 Christmas presents and decorations to 21 centres across London so that the homeless people the charity supports had a day where they could come together and have some fun.

Respecting people

The success of our business is based on the expertise, experience and dedication of our employees, our partners and the people who work for them.  Our team have decades of experience in real estate, finance and debt servicing and are committed to working to the highest ethical standards as captured in our Company Values.


As outlined in our People Policy , PMM is committed to having an inclusive working environment and encourages employees to develop personally and professionally via access to a variety of training programmes and challenging work assignments.  We take the health and welfare of our employees seriously and believe in promoting a strong work-life balance.


Results from our recent Employee Survey demonstrate that we are meeting these aims and that our employees are very satisfied with how they are treated.


Notwithstanding,  that PMM does not meet the criteria requiring the company to publish a Modern Slavery Statement, we fully support the intentions of the Act and are committed to implementing systems and controls aimed at minimising the risk of modern slavery taking place anywhere within our organisation or in our supply chains. An Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy has been introduced and shared with key business partners.

Protecting our environment

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment in our offices by reducing our utility use and minimising the amount of waste we produce.  Our Environment Policy formalises our approach and sets guidance as to how we, and other key suppliers should operate.


Our Berlin, London and Frimley offices are fitted with energy saving products, with London meeting RICS SKA Silver standards. We have appointed an Environment Champion for each office to encourage employees to reduce their utility usage, improve recycling and reduce the amount of paper used within the business.


In the property refurbishment projects that we undertake for partners, we work with our contractors to minimise the amount of waste by re-using materials, where feasible. In line with our Sustainable Procurement Policy, we aim to use products and materials that have a low environmental impact, so long as their technical performance meets the required standards and they are economically viable for refurbished properties. This includes items such as energy and water efficient fittings and paint that has a Blue Angel award.

Valuing our customers

We are also committed to acting fairly and providing an excellent service to all of our  customers, whether investors, our partners or the customers and tenants of our partners.

We engage with and listen to our different stakeholders, taking their suggestions and concerns into consideration in how we operate as a business.


We monitor this engagement, requesting feedback from our investors and partners and conduct Tenant Surveys to ensure we are delivering a high standard of service.


We have in place both a Vulnerable Customer Policy and Vulnerable Tenant Policy, which provides guidance on procedures that should be followed when dealing with customers  and tenants who are vulnerable to provide them with additional protection.


We always comply with the applicable legal requirements and expect our partners to share our commitment to high standards of responsibility and treating customers fairly, as outlined in our Suppliers Code of Conduct. We have shared our key Policies and Company Values with key partners and suppliers, asking them to affirm that they are operating in a manner consistent with them.